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partners link of the Grill & Cow

Change the atmosphere by visiting the partners institutions of the Grill & Cow ( market square grill restauration) located in the center of Dijon (21- Cote d’Or)

Partners :



le Mac Callaghan


L’Épicerie & Compagnie


Whether you are in a festive mood, friendly, or travel enamored , you'll find the place that will fill your expectations


SARL GRILL AND COW - Siren : 530 004 712 - 2 bis rue Claude Ramey 21000 DIJON - Tél. : 03 80 500 588

The Grill & Cow is an essential table of the city center of Dijon (21-Cote d’Or). Here you can enjoy high quality grilled meat and fish (and others!)
in a baroque decoration, revisited with modernity and elegance.